Marianne Koluda Hansen

Born on the island of Bornholm, Marianne Koluda Hansen (1951-2014) lived most of her life in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she wrote four books of poetry and a novel.  Although she never achieved much fame as a writer during her lifetime, her books garnered reviews that highlighted her brutal honesty and her ability to mine and acknowledge the deep emotions in everyday events that people generally try to ignore.She received her teaching degree in 1979 and taught English and Danish at a school for adults for 30 years.  Also, she was a painter who held several exhibitions. 

Excerpt from “Friday Evening in Acme”

all of them
have someone
to come home to
I can tell by their
shopping carts
that are bulging with security
belonging and well-being
neck chops on sale
dog-food and munchies
weekend candy for the kids
a half-gallon of wine and baking potatoes
giant- economy- and
family packs
diapers and french cheeses
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