Michael Goldman Lecturing

In the past few years I have had the opportunity to guest-teach and lecture to hundreds of students at Northampton High School (MA), Northwestern Connecticut Community College, the University of Massachusetts, and the University of Wisconsin.

I have also been a featured reader of my poetry and translation work at the “Unbuttoned” series in Easthampton, MA and at the 2014 and 2015 Amherst Poetry Festivals and the Greenfield Word Festival.

In 2013 I participated on a panel of Scandinavian Translators at the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) Conference at Indiana University.

I would be happy to speak to you about coming to speak at your school or poetry event.

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When I arrived to class, you surprised me from the beginning. I loved how you started off by reading in Danish, then telling us the amazing story about you and your wife. You also got me thinking about how language changes over time and through different cultures. What you do is very impressive. Once again, thanks for coming to our class. —Erika Kotch, High School Student

Thank you so much for visiting our class! Benny Andersen’s poetry has a very uplifting sense to it, and I’m glad you brought that to our sullen early morning class. I was very inspired by how you learned Danish and the motivation behind it. —Clara Flynn, High School Student

Michael’s lecture was truly a highlight—his bilingual reading of a selection of the Danish poetry he had translated (including Benny Andersen and Knud Sørensen) helped attune students’ ears to rhythm and sound in both the original language and in English. In addition to offering insights into the process of translation and giving the students some theoretical background, Michael also invited them to become translators themselves, working with a gloss translation to produce some writing of their own. They loved this activity, and I can’t wait to invite Michael to come and speak again next semester! His warmth and obvious passion for writing and translation is inspiring—for students and for teachers alike.

Siobhan Marie Mei
Ph.D. Student and Instructor
Comparative Literature
University of Massachusetts Amherst

In the beginning of March I was visited for several days at the University of Wisconsin by the American translator and poet Michael Goldman.

About two years ago he contacted me about a review of his translations of poetry by Benny Andersen. I was very skeptical, because who could really translate the quirkiness of Benny Andersen? But when I received his material, I was quickly convinced that these were very good translations that accurately captured and retained the tone of the originals.

We have corresponded regularly since then, and this led to the visit where Michael guest taught classes and gave lectures. He talked about translation from Danish to English as well as special “problems” with translating Benny Andersen. He has expanded his repertoire which now also includes Marianne Koluda Hansen (poetry), Knud Sønderby (essays), and Knud Sørensen (poetry).

Michael is married to a Dane and speaks fine, fluent Danish. He is very willing to travel around the the US and the world, wherever there is interest in these translations.

He has published some of the poems in audiobooks, which can be bought directly from him. I can warmly recommend him as both a teacher and lecturer. — Recommendation from Prof. Nete Schmidt, April 2015