Knud Sønderby

Knud Sønderby (1909-1966) was an eminent Danish novelist, journalist , translator and essayist. The initial printing of his first novel, Midt i en Jazztid (In a Jazz Age) sold out in fourteen days due to its immediate popularity among the youth of Denmark.  Today it is his most well-known work and an integral piece of the Danish literary canon.  For two decades Sønderby wrote as a journalist for three major Danish newspapers while publishing four additional novels, six plays, six essay collections, and translating numerous works into Danish for the Royal Theater, including Death of a Salesman, Joan of Arc and The Cherry Orchard.  He was also a founding member of the Danish Academy.

Excerpt from “A Ride with a Lady”

Then she started galloping again.  Like a complete hostess she had a surprise for me.  Obstacles set up on a narrow forest path and a couple of them quite high.  I folded my fingers around the reins, closed my eyes and followed after her.  Once I was lying on the ground, while the horse, big as an elephant, walked around and over me with all its legs near my face.  I got up on it again without her noticing the mishap.

“I’ll bet you couldn’t have found those obstacles on your own,” she said, when we were together again.  I admitted she was right. Read more >