Something To Live Up To by Benny Andersen

Something To Live Up To - Benny Andersen - Translated from the Danish by Michael Goldman
Something To Live Up To by Benny Andersen
Translated from Danish by Michael Goldman
Published by Spyuten Duyvil Press 2017
$20.00/$15.00 243 PAGES
Dual-Language Danish-English
First significant translation of Denmark’s all-time best-selling poet in over 40 years. Dual-language Danish-English.
“sheer pleasure…an impressive collection”

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“Reading Mr. Goldman’s translations of Benny Andersen’s poems is sheer pleasure. He has captured the quirkiness and inimitable flavor of Andersen’s language. An impressive collection that will be appreciated by a wide audience.”

– Nete Schmidt, Ph.D., Department of Scandinavian Studies, University of Wisconsin

“Superb choice for connoisseurs of multicultural poetry, worthy of the highest recommendation.”

– Susan Bethany, Midwest Book Review

Canonized, memorized, and treasured in Denmark for over half a century, Benny Andersen’s enduring poetry finds a sure voice in Michael Goldman’s delicate and humorous translations. In Andersen’s universe, spiritual revelations are achieved through the quotidian with heartfelt irony, and Goldman unfailingly translates these juxtapositions, rendering a great service to English-language readers. I loved this collection, including the touching foreword.

–-Katrine Øgaard Jensen, Translator, Editor of EuropeNow at Columbia University

“This translation has mastered the linguistic challenges. Captivating word play…enchanting imagery.”

– Dr. Leonie A. Marx,, University of Kansas, Author of Benny Andersen: A Critical Study

Add to Cart (Hardcover) $20

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