Average Neuroses by Marianne Koluda Hansen

Average Neuroses - Marianne Koluda Hansen - Translated from the Danish by Michael Goldman
Average Neuroses by Marianne Koluda Hansen
Translated from Danish by Michael Goldman
Published by Spyuten Duyvil Press 2017
ISBN 978-1-944682-35-4
$15.00 158 PAGES
Dual-Language Danish-English
Conversational poetry that treads a razor’s edge between humor, suffering and redemption.

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The whole blooming and exasperating world is here in Hansen’s delightfully associative poems, translated from Danish by Michael Goldman with great élan. Hansen’s voice is full of wit, longing, irony (both personal and political), and tender detail about the absurdity of being human. Thrillingly, Hansen has zero interest in presenting herself as an admirable person, which makes me deeply cherish her poems, and helps me to go on being my likewise unadmirable self in this beautiful and impossible world.

—Patrick Donnelly, poet and translator, author of The Charge, and Nocturnes of the Brothel of Ruin

Hansen writes movingly about insecurity and anxiety. Her voice is a solitary one, but she taps into a most universal desire—to be accepted by those around us. At the core of the collection is the poet’s struggle to maintain an emotional balance in the face of the extreme beauty and pain of everyday life.

–Leah Browning, Editor
Apple Valley Review: A Journal of Contemporary Literature

With skillful irony Hansen skewers pretentiousness, including herself as a target. It is liberating to read an author who can be self-deprecating and laugh along with the reader. Then she can turn the mood on a dime, to seriousness so poignant that the laughter or smile stiffens on your face. Highly recommended.

–Herdis Møllehave, Aktuelt

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